Three quarters of our plastic gets sent to incineration, dumped in landfill, or exported to countries with less environmental regulation.

Most of it goes to waste because it cannot be separated by recyclers, and is too mixed up to be used by manufacturers.

We combine cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with material innovation to turn this mixed waste into a low-carbon composite that makes our products more sustainable than any other manufacturer on the market.

Exceptional Sustainability

  • Negative Scope 3 Emissions, With More CO2e Prevented than Produced
  • Evidence-Based Additionally Creating Attributable Impact
  • Collect-Back Scheme Ensures Recycling at End-of-Life

Exceptional Durability

  • No Rot; No Maintenance
  • Expected Lifespan of 25 years; Guaranteed for 10
  • Strengthened to Ensure Lifetime Performance

We recycle, formulate, manufacture, and build our products ourselves to ensure that every product delivers the environmental impact we’re here to make, at the highest possible levels of product quality

  • Traceable Recycling

    We take problem plastic streams from sorting facilities, or directly from customers, and provide full reporting on what products we turn it into, ensuring that everything we recycle changes the baseline of What would have been recycled anyway.

  • Tailor-Made Material Design

    We have our own polymer analysis facilities to characterise the waste streams we take, and formulate a strengthened composite based on that waste stream to ensure lifetime performance.

  • Impact to Shout About

    In a world where everyone claims to be sustainable, it takes both both statistics and storytelling to stand out. We quantify carbon savings and additional plastic diversion, and use it to tell a product-story that embodies your step into the circular economy.