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Big Earth Energy Episode 7— The Journey to a Circular Economy with Ben Gibbons

Circular11 CEO and Co-Founder Ben Gibbons joins the Big Earth Energy podcast to discuss the world of sustainability and eco-friendly innovation. Below is a snippet of the podcast and a link to the full podcast:

Circular11 is an innovative company with a clear mission: creating end-use products from recyclable plastics and fostering a truly circular economy. Ben Gibbons shares the fascinating story of how his company began as an NGO in Nepal and evolved into an operation dedicated to combatting plastic waste.

Throughout the episode, Ben discusses some surprising and compelling insights about recycling. He addresses some of the misconceptions around waste management and reveals actionable steps that individuals can take to ensure their items get recycled, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Ben responds to interesting hypothetical scenarios involving a £1 billion investments in climate change and his potential tenure as a prime minister. He provides clear insights into how influential investors and politicians can tackle humanity’s most daunting challenge (climate change), echoing the importance of simplicity, common sense, and strategic initiatives.

Join us for this engaging conversation with Ben Gibbons, and learn about the pressing need for a circular economy and how we can all contribute to this vital cause. Don’t forget to subscribe to “Big Earth Energy” for more enlightening episodes featuring pioneers in sustainability and eco-innovation!

For the full podcast, click here.

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Wembley Stadium

Working With Wembley Stadium To Achieve 100% Recyclable Pitches

It is the result of a two-year project to find a suitable solution to recycling modern-day football pitches, which are a hybrid of grass and synthetic plastic.

The project is being billed as a first in the world of football.

A large amount of professional playing surfaces in today’s football games contain plastic to make them more durable.

Hybrid pitches reportedly offer increased reliability in variable weather and can be used for multiple purposes, yet their recycling has been a challenge.

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UK Motorway

Circular11 Reach Final Stage of National Highways Low Carbon Program

Fully circular, low carbon fencing materials, net-zero asphalt, and smart fiber reinforced plastic bridge beams are among the projects participating in a program seeking low carbon solutions on National Highways’ network.

Four firms have made it through to the final stage of the Accelerating Low Carbon Innovation program organised by National Highways in collaboration with Connected Places Catapult and each is set to receive up to £80,000 to make their vision a reality.

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