We believe that everyone should know what happens to their waste

so we're transparent about where our plastic has come from, and what it's going into. We recycle everything into valuable products that will last a lifetime, and get recycled again at the end of it, using patented technology to give value to the mixed streams and commercial and household waste that no-one else can use.

  • Check It

    Check you have the right plastic types and make sure it is free from any contamination, like metals, foils and labels.

  • Clean It

    Plastic needs to be free of food, dirt and other contaminants before we can give it a new life.

  • Send It

    Box it, bag it, or carry it to one of our two collection sites.

  • HDPE

    Bottle Tops

    Opaque Liquid Containers

    Crates, Buckets and Boxes

  • All other Bottle Tops

    Squeeze Bottles


  • PP

    Plant Pots and Tree Guards

    Disposable Cups and Plates

    Tupperware, Punnets and Crates

  • PS

    DVD and Video Cases

    Takeaway Cup Lids

    Disposable Cutlery

    Plant Trays

Company Recycling

If you have problem plastic streams that you want to transform into your own product, we might be able to collect plastic-only waste as a waste service provider. Waste streams need to be made up of 2, 4, 5, and 6, as above, and free of metal, hazardous chemicals, and significant non-plastic contamination.

To find out more about successful collaborations of this sort, have a look at a testimonial from our customers, or get in touch directly at ben@circular11.com.

We needed some planters to lift some shrubs, bulbs and seasonal summer planting out of reach of the deer that visit our garden.

After nearly a year, they look as good as the day Connor delivered them and feel like they will last forever. It is very satisfying and important to us that they are made predominantly from recycled materials which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Nigel Harris