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Planter Bench

Large Planter Bench

£540 – £576


Trade and volume discounts available as well as bespoke solutions.

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Planter Bench

Available in both Large and Medium, life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to picnic in the rain. And that’s no problem for our carefully crafted 8 person picnic bench, which is robust enough to outlast any storm that might come your way.

10 Year Warranty

30-50 Year Expected Lifespan

100% Recycled Plastic

Hand Crafted In Circular11’s UK Factory

100% Weather Resistant

Take-Back Scheme to ensure Closed-Loop Recycling

Large Dimensions:

L: 1500mm

D: 500mm

H: 585mm


Medium Dimensions:

L: 1000mm

D: 500mm

H: 585mm

Large Weight:





Medium Weight: